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Tracking how your body is handling sugar over time with HbA1c is one of the most important tests you can do to understand your metabolic health. Are you on a path towards pre-diabetes or diabetes?

Choose how you'd like to collect your blood sample and post it to our lab. Your sample will be analysed by our UKAS-accredited lab partner (who also test for the NHS) and you'll get your results and doctor's report in days.


Diabetes & Sugar Handling
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Our Pre-diabetes & Sugar Handling HbA1c Test is for you if...

  • You want to understand how well you body is handling sugar, a key marker of your metabolic health

  • You want to know if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes

  • You'd like to understand your risk of getting diabetes in the future

  • You want to track your sugar-handling over time to proactively monitor your health

How does the
Pre-diabetes & Sugar Handling HbA1c Test help you?

Dr Claire Merrifield

Dr Claire Merrifield

GP, PhD and our Medical Director

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The food you eat results in sugar in your blood which fuels your body. But how your body regulates or handles that sugar is a key sign of how healthy your metabolism is. Diet, weight, exercise, sleep, your genes - they all feed into how well your body can handle blood sugar.

HbA1c is a biomarker of how your body has been handling sugar over the last few months. The higher the HbA1c, the worse your body's sugar handling. Once your HbA1c gets to 42mmol/mol you have "pre-diabetes" which puts you at high risk of going on to develop diabetes. If your HbA1c is 48mmol/mol or above then you have full-blown type 2 diabetes.

The great thing about HbA1c is that you can track how it changes over time. Even if your HbA1c is normal today, if you see it creeping up every year, you know that you need to make changes now to stop yourself continuing on the path to diabetes. Even in the 'normal range', the lower your HbA1c, the better.

Guidelines recommend checking your HbA1c at least every 3 years if:

  • You're over 45 years old
  • You're overweight or do physical activity less than 3 times a week
  • Some of your close family have type 2 diabetes
  • Are of South-Asian, African-Caribbean or Black African descent
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What's tested in your Pre-diabetes & Sugar Handling HbA1c Test?

  • Diabetes & Sugar Handling

    Tracking your sugar handling over time gives you a window into your metabolic health. If it's on the wrong path, you can make changes **before** you get to pre-diabetes and diabetes.


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