Your Team

We know that people and relationships, not apps and AI, are at the heart of great healthcare.

We prioritise our people so they prioritise you.

Your team has the best and brightest doctors, scientists and health coaches so you can trust you’re getting world-class expertise and support.

Dr Claire Merrifield
Dr Claire Merrifield MBBS MRCGP PhD

GP, PhD and our Medical Director

Claire embodies our approach to healthcare. She’s a microbiome PhD, a London GP and a Breathworks Mindfulness instructor.

This broad experience gives Claire a unique perspective that’s key to helping you become the expert in your own health.

Dr Alasdair Scott
Dr Alasdair Scott MBBS FRCS PhD

gut doctor, PhD and our Science Director

Alasdair is a microbiome scientist and gut specialist doctor.

He’s also our Science Director and brings the very latest developments in gut and metabolic science from “lab to life” to improve your health with cutting-edge medical knowledge.

Carmen Camargo
Carmen Camargo

Health Coach

Carmen is a trained health coach. She cares about helping you find your inner health coach to become the master of your own wellbeing.

Nick Burnett
Nick Burnett

our Managing Director

In addition to being our Managing Director, Nick also brings a unique patient perspective having been on his own gut healing and health journey. He has lots of experience in gut and metabolic health and works hard to ensure everyone can thrive.

Annabel Naisbitt
Annabel Naisbitt

Head of Operations

Annabel brings our services together and makes sure your path to improved health is a smooth one.