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Blood and stool tests to help you see your health differently.

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Preventative, proactive healthcare

I left the NHS to set up a company that's about preventative, proactive healthcare.

We need to stop waiting for illness to just happen to us. Your health is the most precious gift you'll ever have. Selph can help you take care of it.

Dr Claire Merrifield MRCGP PhD

Dr Claire Merrifield MRCGP PhD

our Medical Director

Let's stop being "normal"

Traditional healthcare wants us to be "normal". But normal people get heart disease, cancer and dementia.

So let's forget about normal. Selph can not only show you what optimal health looks like, we can help you get there.

Dr Claire Merrifield MRCGP PhD

Dr Alasdair Scott FRCS PhD

our Science Director

Trust Selph for:

  • Blood & stool tests for gut health, metabolic health and more.
  • Rapid results - you won't believe healthcare can be this quick!
  • Easy-to-understand doctors' reports with tips on optimising your health.
  • Second-to-none customer service to support your health journey.
  • Our
    to give you complete confidence.

How Selph health tests have helped our customers

This is the company for our family. It is rare to encounter such a personal touch as a customer in any sphere of business or public service nowadays. I am so impressed and grateful for Selph.


I ordered a PSA kit which was easy to use and by following all instructions i had my results along with peace of mind within 48 hours. With such a short time to wait for results it really does reduce any anxiety.


Wonderful company, clear instructions. I sent my sample off Tuesday afternoon and had my results Wednesday afternoon. The results were very clear and I was able to put my mind at rest very quickly.


How does Selph work?

Choose your test

We have over 20 tests to choose from and each comes with a doctor's report.

Take your sample

We'll send you a quick and easy kit you can use at home.

Post it back (free)

Post your sample back in the free-post envelope

Get expert advice

Our doctors write you a report explaining all your results and any actions you should take.

...and relax with our

Our promise to you

Health is your priority and you're our priority. Nothing means more to us than you.

So, simply put, we promise to look after you.

If you need help - we're here.

If you've got a question, we'll respond quickly and kindly.

If something goes wrong with your test, we'll put it right. Nothing is too much trouble.

We're very confident in our service and want you to be confident too. That's why all our tests are protected by our