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When did you last check your cholesterol and diabetes risk? Check both and understand your metabolic health with one simple blood test.

Choose how you'd like to collect your blood sample and post it to our lab. Your sample will be analysed by our UKAS-accredited lab partner (who also test for the NHS) and you'll get your results and doctor's report in days.

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Depending on your age, sex and any symptoms, you may consider adding to your test panel.

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Our Metabolic Health Blood Test is for you if...

  • You haven't checked your cholesterol or diabetes risk recently.

  • You want to understand your risk of heart disease.

  • You want to track your levels and take action before problems happen.

How does the
Metabolic Health Blood Test help you?

Dr Merrifield, our medical director

Dr Claire Merrifield

GP & PhD

our medical director

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Heart disease is the leading of death amongst men and women in the UK. High cholesterol and diabetes are key risk factors for heart disease and this test panel checks both. We also check high sensitivity CRP which is a marker of low-grade inflammation related to heart disease risk.

Don't wait until you have high cholesterol or diabetes before checking your levels! Guidelines recommend checking your cholesterol regularly:

  • Age 20-45: every 5 years
  • Age 45-65: every 1-2 years
  • Over 65: every year

When did you last check your level?

Tracking your cholesterol and sugar handling will show you if your levels are beginning to creep up so you can take action early to rescue and optimise your heart health.

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Cholesterol Status

Your lipid profile - the levels of triglycerides and cholesterols in your blood - is one of most important risk factors for heart disease. High cholesterol also increases your risk of stroke and dementia.


Diabetes & Sugar Handling

Diabetes and pre-diabetes - the stage before full-blown diabetes - are directly linked to your risk of heart disease. Poor sugar handling is also related to other conditions such as cancer and dementia.


Heart Risk

Cholesterol and diabetes are important causes of heart disease but we can actually test for heart risk directly with high sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP).


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