How to book your blood sample collection at Superdrug

We've partnered with Superdrug so you can have your blood taken by a healthcare professional at one of their clinics. Here's how to arrange it:

  • Head over to the Superdrug website and choose your preferred clinic.
  • From the list of services, you need to choose Venous sample collection and then Pre-paid venous sample collection.Superdrug service selection
  • Choose your appointment time and date and create an account so you can manage your booking in the future. We recommend trying to have your blood taken in the morning, from Monday to Thursday. This makes it easiest to get your sample in the post to the lab on the day it's taken.
  • Enter you card details to confirm the booking. A payment of £20 will only be taken by Superdrug if you miss your appointment or cancel it with less than 24 hours notice.
Activate your test kit online

Don't forget to activate your blood collection kit online in your Selph account before attending your Superdrug appointment. Activation is essential for the lab to know what tests to run with your sample.

Your Superdrug appointment

You need to bring your blood collection kit and the Request Form that comes with it to your Superdrug appointment. The healthcare professional at Superdrug will need to see the Request Form to confirm that you're a Selph client.

After your blood has been taken, please make sure that the Request Form and sample labels have been filled in with your details. Then put everything in the return postage bag, affix the postage label and put your samples in the nearest postbox.

Any other questions?