Unlock the science of behavioural change to become the person you deserve to be.

Begin to live healthier, for longer, with Selph’s Health Reset coaching package. Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn the habits, behaviours and techniques that will reset your health to get you motivated, energised and prepared to start living better for longer.

It's time to take your first steps on the road to your authentic self.

Maybe your body doesn’t look or feel the way you’d like it to.

Maybe you’re tired, burnt out, or even so stressed you can’t quite remember what having energy feels like.

Maybe you’re just concerned about your overall health.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to feel happier, healthier, and to live better for longer, Selph’s Health Reset programme is the perfect starting point.

Over 12 weeks, a dedicated health coach will help you feel better and live healthier. You’ll learn the tools and techniques you need to take control of your own health, to take accountability for your own happiness, and to become the person you want to be.

The Health Reset isn’t:

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    A get-fit-quick scheme that offers easy wins that never last
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    A 12-week “beach body ready” programme that focuses on looks over lasting health
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    A one-and-done package that you’ll have forgotten within six months
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    A handful of platitudes and a shopping list of nutrition and supplement add-ons
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    A fad diet overseen by influencers and gurus

The Health Reset is:

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    The starting point for a lifetime of health and happiness
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    12 weeks of personalised coaching designed to change your lifestyle forever
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    Packed with useful tips, techniques and tools that you’ll use for years to come
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    A way to take control of and responsibility for your own nutrition, diet and health
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    A medically-proven programme overseen by doctors and health professionals
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    The perfect starting point for anyone who’s tried to improve their health before but hasn’t found something that works

Healthy isn’t something you are. It’s something you do. And the Health Reset unlocks the science of behavioural change to create healthy habits that will last you a lifetime. It’s the perfect starting point for a happier, healthier life.

Created by doctors, tailored to you

The Health Reset programme wasn’t designed by health hackers, or fitness influencers, or spurious nutritionists. It was designed by doctors with years of experience who truly understand the human body. But more than that, we understand the realities of life, and how putting your health first is a learning curve that takes time and commitment.

We’re practical people who understand that health isn’t about restrictive diets and fads, about pureed kale and goji berry smoothies, about quitting your job and devoting yourself to six workouts and six dozen eggs a day. It’s about realistic progress towards achievable goals. Because we’re medical professionals, we know what works to help you live a happy, healthy and long life. That’s making the right choices, finding an hour or two per week to prioritise your health, and trusting the science.

Dr Merrifield, our medical director
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Dr Claire Merrifield

GP, PhD and our medical director

“I’m a Scientist, Doctor, Mindfulness Teacher and Entrepreneur. My passion for health has led me through a science degree, a PhD, a medical degree, training to become a general practitioner, then training to become a mindfulness teacher. Now I have co-founded a company, Selph, to share everything I’ve learnt and continue to learn in the search for my healthiest self.”

Selph is the only provider of science-backed health coaching courses developed by doctors, scientists, psychologists and mindfulness experts. We look at the whole you. Because you’re really more than the sum of your parts.

Feel more confident, energised and healthy in just 12 weeks

“The Selph Team is First Rate, and breaks down your Health journey into logical steps at your pace; I found it incredibly inspiring and have built on the programme hugely in my wider life.”

Alex McPherson, Founding Partner, Ignition Law.

The Selph Health Reset programme fits around your busy day-to-day life, and helps you to:

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    Feel more confident in your own body, more like your authentic self
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    Feel more energised, free to spend your time doing what you want to do
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    Feel more healthy, so you can engage with the people you love
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    Feel happier, in body and mind, so you can focus on living better for longer

But that’s not all. The Health Reset has been designed by scientists, health coaches and psychology and mindfulness teachers to help slow the onset of disease and reduce your risk of the biggest causes of early mortality.

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It’s all down to the five fundamentals of health that you’ll focus on during your 12 week Health Reset:

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  • Learn how the right amount of movement and activity is key to your health, and how movement…

    can lower your risk of mortality by 31%

As medical professionals and health coaches, we’ve seen the benefits of taking a step back, resetting your health and adopting new habits and ways of living.

The Health Reset plan is the simplest, most effective way to take that all-important step back, realise where you are and where you’re going, and start living better for longer in just 12 weeks.

Learn to create healthy habits that last, and live better for longer

Whatever your reasons for wanting to feel happier, healthier, and to live better for longer, Selph’s Health Reset programme is the perfect starting point.

Over 12 weeks, a dedicated health coach will help you feel better and live healthier. You’ll learn the tools and techniques you need to take control of your own health, to take accountability for your own happiness, and to become the person you want to be.

“I wanted to become more confident in cooking healthy food and to do my stretches at home on my yoga mat. I achieved both these things, and learnt so much more at the same time, and it also fed into my creative practice as an artist.”

Helen Williams, Artist

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get in week one of your Health Reset programme:

Week One: Awareness

Week one focuses on improving your awareness of yourself, your health, and your day-to-day life and the effects it has.

Number IconIntroduction

Meet your personal health coach, who’ll be your guide, support and partner on your health journey.

Number IconGoal Setting
Goal Setting

Working with your coach, you’ll set your goals for the 12 week programme - and beyond.

Number IconMindfulness

You’ll start bespoke mindfulness sessions, with audio guidance tailored to your challenges and goals.

Number IconMotivation

Each day, your coach will send you a personalised message, helping to keep you focused on your health journey.

Number IconHealthy Habits
Healthy Habits

You’ll learn how to identify positive and negative behaviours, and how to change your habits to support your health journey.

Number IconThe Fundamentals of Health
The Fundamentals of Health

You’ll learn what the latest scientific findings have to say about how to eat, sleep, move, restore and engage to live a healthier, happier life.

By the end of week one, you should feel more engaged with your own health, more in control of your own behaviours, and more energised and positive about the journey ahead of you.

Get ready for week one with a free discovery call

Week Two and Beyond

Over the next 11 weeks, you’ll learn to manage stress, exercise safely and effectively, and take control of your health with:

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An optional holistic health coaching assessment

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Five more health coaching sessions

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Daily personalised messages from your coach

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Weekly meditation and breathwork practices

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Ongoing accountability, support and encouragement

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Scientifically-grounded content and advice

11 more themed modules, including:
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    Identifying your core values
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    Overcoming limiting beliefs
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    Silencing your inner critic
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    Cultivating self-compassion
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    Finding the joy in exercise

And much, much more…

“Excellent health coaching by Carmen which made me really think about my core values and my why’s. Based on 12 different weekly topics, she set me up on a path to really focus on these, which has helped me to allocate my time wisely. I look forward to becoming even better in implementing these changes.”

Kristin Tewes, Regulatory Change Manager

The only way to access this 12 week Health Reset is with a free discovery call with one of our qualified health coaches, who’ll ensure the Selph Health Reset is right for you.

Selph’s 12 week Health Reset really works. Here’s why.

Whether you feel great and want to stay that way into your 70s, 80s and 90s, or you have no idea where to start on improving your health and wellbeing, we can help you.

By helping you to help yourselph.

Our approach is based on years of experience in the fields of science, medicine, psychology and mindfulness.

You’ll speak to real people, not a chatbot on an app, or an algorithm. You talk to real coaches, with real expertise.

You’ll take a holistic approach, focusing on every aspect of your health, body and mind, to ensure you make the gradual, sustainable changes that will last a lifetime. Your health is holistic, and so is Selph - unlike Strava, My Fitness Pal or other apps, you’ll look at health as a whole, not just focusing on one single aspect.

Older couple walking

“The opportunity to take this course came at an ideal time. It made me think about my eating and exercise habits, as well as addressing my work life balance. It was a pleasure to talk with Carmen. She made me feel motivated and proud of my achievements every step of the way”

Elizabeth Want, Senior Lecturer